Global Special Recognition Award for Royal Natural Snack!

Mrs. Elinora Sigurdardottir the founder and director of Elinora's Royal Natural Snack was awarded the

Global Special Recognition Award
at the
The Female Invent Conference 2003 in London, United Kingdom, April, 24 – 25, 2003
by the Global Women Inventors Network - GWIIN

Elinora was nominated in the Capacity Building Award for Supportive Individual and Organistions Category and was awarded for her
Royal Natural Snack



The Global Special Recognition Award


Plenary session


The Global Experience Lecture


Elinora with Mrs. Bola Olabisi the Founder and Director of GWIIN and Mr. Farag Moussa the President of IFIA (the International Federation of Inventors Association).


Royal Natural Snack at EXPO 2002



We want to thank all who visited us at our booth and meeting room 7 at the Expo East in Washington D.C. October 4 - 6 2002!

Your support and encouragement is really appreciated!


Mr. and Mrs. Gudni Ágústsson Agricultural Minister of Iceland visited the Royal Natural Snack booth in WDC and showed a great interest in the product. The event was covered by Iceland's biggest newspaper.



Nature Knows Best!

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